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Pet lovers. That’s what we are. And if you are visiting our site, we bet you are too.

Owning and caring for a pet is a great responsibility, and that is why we are here. Here at Pets.us, animal care and education is our mission. We want to see animals happy and healthy- and it all starts with owner education. We are committed to providing you with reliable and truthful information so that you will have the tools and understanding required to provide the very best for your beloved pet.

Proper animal care requires the right information. Our team of animal-enthusiasts wants to see all animals receive the best care possible. That is why they have created helpful articles and informative guides that can allow you to get the know-how you need to create the best environment for your pet. We understand that your pet is family and requires nothing but the best. You will find educational articles about all areas of pet care including nutrition, essential pet supplies and proper care.

If you are considering adding a new pet member to the family, there are many enlightening articles available about popular breeds of all types of animals. You will also find helpful guides about adoption, breeders, pet stores and online markets. You will also find practical articles that describe everything you should consider before adding a new pet to your home including your budget, living space and schedule.

It doesn’t matter if your pet has feathers, scales or fur you can find dependable information on our site to help you care for your pet. A few of the animals you can find covered on our site include reptiles, amphibians, rabbits, rodents, horses, fish, exotic pets, dogs, cats, and birds.

The supportive and caring team at Pets.us is constantly researching and reviewing new pet foods, products, and toys to ensure that they can share with you the latest and greatest available in the pet world. Visit us again soon to find new and engaging animal articles regularly!