Important Factors to Consider

Birds can make wonderful pets, and owners will enjoy the privilege of cohabitation with these fun roommates. Before embarking on this new relationship, though, prospective owners should take the time to learn as much as possible about the type of bird they are thinking about owning.

Bird Characteristics

Depending on the type of bird, birds can often live for decades. Both the age of the bird and the age of the owner need to be considered, as this can be a long commitment spanning many years.

Birds can be quite noisy. Some people will enjoy the chatter and bird calls and not mind the occasional screams that birds can emit, but others may not be able to tolerate the noise. If noise is a factor, then owners will want to make sure they acquire a bird that doesn't vocalize with harsh and loud screams.

Most birds require a good amount of socialization every day, so owners will want to think seriously on whether they will have the time commitment to spend with their pet. Routines are important to the bird, and the socialization process should be conducted with that in mind.

Birds also wake up quite early, and owners may have to adjust their daily schedules to be up at the crack of dawn with their pet. Sleeping in is not an option, and the bird will demand food early every morning.

Bird Chores

Even though birds are in a cage much of the time, they still scatter debris around and can make quite a mess. Time needs to be spent in cleaning the cage and the surrounding area on a daily basis.

Bird seed alone is not sufficient, and owners should spend time preparing fresh vegetables and fruit to supplement their bird's diet. Birds can also be quite good at destroying various structures inside their cages and out because of their need to wear down their beaks which grow continuously. Owners should provide toys and other items for their bird to peck at or play with.

Dangerous for Birds

Owners should invest in stainless steel cookware and discard any non-stick type cooking ware, as it will emit fumes that are toxic to the bird. Air fresheners, candles and oils can also spread toxins. Certain houseplants can be poisonous to birds, so owners need to research any plants in the house.

Aspects of Bird Ownership

While people can socialize their bird, some birds may only be comfortable around the primary caretaker. If the owner has a family, it will be important to make sure they all spend time caring and paying attention to their pet. This will help ensure that the bird is friendly toward all the family members.

Common stress indicators from the bird are unusual screaming or feather plucking. This could indicate boredom. Try to find items or activities to stimulate the bird.

When deciding to have a bird as a pet, people need to conduct in-depth research and learn as much as possible about the different types of birds available and the traits of each of the species. They should consider adopting pets at exotic pet shelters that may be in the local area. This would be a positive situation for the owner and the future pet, too.

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