Proper Care

Cats are amazing creatures. Ask anyone lucky enough to have ever loved one -- cats can range from mysterious and aloof to loving, and just plain entertaining to say the least.

And of course we want to make our cats feel as loved and protected as we possibly can.

Here are some great ways to show your beloved friend just how much they mean to you.

Feeding & Watering Your Cat

Keeping your cat feeling good and healthy isn’t particularly hard. They have two main needs above all. That is proper food and clean fresh water.

You want to ensure that your cat is getting quality food. Speak with your vet or do some research to determine the right diet for your cat. Like humans, cats go through a life cycle. Their dietary needs change over the course of that. Your research will ensure they are always getting the nutrients they need.

As mentioned, your cat will of course need fresh water. There’s a variety of options when it comes to making your cat feel comfortable. It’s pretty common to purchase a bowl that can’t be tipped over. That ensures that a grumpy cat won’t seek vengeance on your floor. There’s a bowl out there for every person’s house. Keep the bowl full of fresh water and wash it regularly.

If you’re not a fan of manually feeding your cat, you can purchase automatic feeders. These have various options. The most common is they will release a pre-programmed amount at various times in the day. These are also great when you may not be able to be home to feed the cat.

Playtime & Exercising Your Cat

Part of the joy of having a cat is getting to enjoy them as they play. Their goofy antics fill the internet and provide untold joy to millions. When you have your own cat, you get to enjoy all of those things live while forming a pretty great bond with your friend. There’s a lot of ways you can keep your cat exercising. Some of the best are:

  • Lasers - The old “laser on the wall” trick continues to fool cats and will do so for generations. They will go after it like crazy.
  • Toys - there’s a huge variety of cat toys out there. Many like string types, others like balls with sounds. Try a few and find out what your cat prefers.
  • Cat Wheels - More people are using cat treadmills and wheels for their cats. These are best used when trained to use it as a kitten.
  • Cat Trees or Cat Jungle Gyms - Your cat loves to leap and perch. There’s a variety of ways to endorse this including cat friendly shelving and cat trees for them to hold court from.

Playtime will usually last for about 15 minutes. After that, your cat will probably want to go take a nap. The younger the cat, the more willing they are to play on your schedule. As they age, cats will only want to play when it’s best for them.

Day-to-Day Requirements

Even if cats seem to be incredibly independent, there are things you need to do for your cat each day to take care of them. The first step is providing them with a proper litter box. There are many types of choose from, but usually unscented litter is the best choice. It’s possible that any harsh perfume in the litter will make the cat want to take care of business elsewhere. Litter boxes should be cleaned daily because cats like it clean. If you want to avoid potential messy situations, you can choose clumping cat litter to make things a bit easier.

In addition to taking care of a cat's waste, a cat needs to be entertained and maintained. Cats scratch for several reasons, but the key is it feels great. A good scratching post that is very sturdy will allow them to maintain their claws and avoid any issues. There are many surfaces that could be used, so try them out until your cat finds one that suits it. Your furniture will thank you!

Finally, cats need to be comfortable. Make sure you’re getting them these things for daily use:

  • Quality cat bed or beds
  • Proper cat brush
  • Flea treatments or collars
  • Tasty Treats

Now you are on your way to caring properly for your cat. And showing your cat you care is showing her you love her.

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