Siamese Cats

The Siamese is one of the world's most easily recognized breed of cats. With their smooth white coats, dark faces and legs, and bright crystal blue eyes, the Siamese looks like it's all dressed up with plenty of places to go.

These cats are friendly, affectionate and extremely vocal. They are unafraid to let you know exactly how they feel.

Originating in Thailand around 600 years ago, the Siamese Cat became popular in the West in the late-19th century, when they were gifted by the King of Siam to members of the British Consulate in Bangkok. A breeding pair was later brought to Europe in 1884. Because of the breed's high level of intelligence, intense loyalty, and striking appearance, their popularity has continued to grow into the present day.

Basic Information About Siamese Cats

In addition to being highly vocal and intelligent, Siamese Cats are athletic and adventurous pets who quickly become very attached to their owners. They have a reputation for following their people around the house throughout the day, climbing into laps and sneaking into beds at night. They need consistent and dedicated attention to remain happy and entertained, so it is often a good idea to have a second Siamese to allow them to keep each other company.

The Siamese is a perfect cat for families with children, as they are agile and sturdy animals who love to play and interact with humans. They also interact well with cat-friendly dogs and are happiest when given complicated toys and climbing structures. As long as they are given adequate attention, Siamese are generally a worry-free pet and will remain loyal and loving throughout their 15–20 year life span. Although their coat is easy to care for, Siamese enjoy being groomed and will allow their owners to brush and pet them for hours.

Specific Care For a Siamese

Siamese are an easy breed to care for. Their coats require only basic grooming. This usually consists of a once-weekly brushing. Their teeth should also be cleaned weekly and they are best kept as indoor pets. Some health issues common in Siamese include asthma, congenital heart disease, and amyloidosis.

The weight of a Siamese should be kept in the range of 8–12 pounds in order for them to remain healthy. With a long lifespan of 20 or more years, it's important to ensure your Siamese remains in good physical and emotional health by providing consistent attention, high quality food and regular veterinary visits.

Buying and Adopting a Siamese Kitten

Because Siamese Cats are such popular breeds, they can often be difficult to find for adoption and are often expensive to purchase. When adopting a Siamese, a new owner must be prepared to offer the adopted cat lots of attention. Since Siamese thrive when cared for with affection, your adoption will quickly become attached.

When buying a Siamese kitten, be sure to purchase from a reputable and licensed breeder. As with any pet, but especially those in high-demand, ensure that the breeding environment is well-managed. Some red flags to look for with Siamese breeders include multiple litters present at once, outdoor runs of cats which do not allow for adequate socialization and the cleanliness of the breeder's home.

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