The 6 Favorite Cat Toys Your Feline Loves

If there’s one thing that has been proven, it’s that the internet was created so that people could post pictures of their cats for all to enjoy.

Alright, that may not be the most accurate statement, but it does seem that way. The best cat videos and pictures tend to be created by cats who are playing with toys.

What a cat finds interesting can sometimes be completely perplexing to humans. Their favorite toy may become completely useless to them later that day. Understanding the feline mind is impossible, but it’s still possible to get them toys that will amuse them and enrich their relationships with their owners. What follows are some of the most enjoyable toys that any cat should have access to.

1 - Anything on a String

It’s amazing how much cats love the sinuous movement of strings. Many cats just want to chase the strings themselves, and honestly, a good shoelace is tough and can stand up to their play. However, adding a toy on the end of the string makes it easy to zip it away just as the cat is going for it.

2 - Trusty Laser Pointer

Cats chasing the dot from a laser pointer are well known. The only downside to this toy is that sometimes people may go too far with it. Cats do need exercise and playtime provides it. However, some people will use this too much to the point of teasing their cat. A few minutes of laser pointer play each day is fine.

3 - Tunnel and Popup Toys

Cats naturally love to be inside of structures or places with walls. It appeals to their ability to prowl and stalk and remain hidden. It also gives them an added sense of comfort and security. Tunnel toys allow cats to go inside and stalk their playful “prey” from the tunnel.

4 - Treat Puzzles

There is something great about treat puzzles for cats. It’s a way for them to show off their intelligence and get the treats they really want. Treat puzzles are tactile puzzles with moving parts. Some are simple latches that need to be moved, and some are more difficult to manage. They may require several actions in order to be completed and provide the delicious treat to the impressive feline.

5 - Catnip Pouch Toys

Cats enjoy fake mice and other small toys, then strewing them about like they have personally insulted the cat. One way to turn any toy into a cat’s favorite is to hide some catnip within it. The smell of catnip is often irresistible to cats.

6 - Your Leftover Cardboard Boxes

No matter how much you spend on cat toys, it seems inevitable that the very favorite thing your cat will enjoy is the box that they shipped in. Cats love to sit in boxes. The walls are a safety thing for them. However, they also love to play in boxes. A standard cardboard box with flaps on the top is perfect. Cats hide inside and then will reach out and play with anything near the edge. This allows them to practice their enjoyable “surprise” attacks.

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