Probably sharing ancestry with other large Roman breeds like the Mastiff, Rottweilers are known for their thick muscular stature and wide faces. With their classic brown and tan colors and large mouths, some mistake the Rottweiler for being frightening.

In truth, while Rottweiler dogs have served successfully and terrifyingly as police dogs in the past, their true nature is as sweet as their iconic smiles are large.

These barrel chested canines can weigh-in at well over 100 pounds, which is surprising in comparison with their relatively short height. Given their compact size and balanced tolerance for training, they enjoy exercise multiple times every day to keep off weight gain and entertain their bright minds. As any owner will say, the thing any Rottweiler enjoys most is spending time with their human. They can act as excellent family pets and guardians, tapping into both sides of their protective, loving nature. A Rottweiler is an admirable breed choice as an addition to a family that already has one or two dogs and gets along well with other canines.

Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweiler puppies are the some of the most adorable investments that anyone can make. The pups, which are truly miniatures of their full adult form, transform the regal serene stature of full grown Rottweilers into laughably cute impostors. The small size does not last long as most Rottweiler dogs reach their full height within their first eight months of their life. While their muscle can take longer to build, making the stage between 12 and 24 months akin to an awkward puberty phase, this lanky phase is a natural transition in Rottweiler growth. Their full bulk is achieved more quickly with the proper diet and frequent exercise.

The puppies are born with the full rambunctious personality of their parents, making them prone to trouble without proper supervision. Before arranging to get a puppy of your own, invest your money in appropriate toys and some time in puppy-proofing your place. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the small times when they last. The attention you invest in your puppy while they are young forms an incredibly strong bond that continues on into adulthood. While it is certainly possible to form bonds with adult dogs, raising them from when they are puppies can source a deeper emotional connection.

Buying a Puppy

Buying a Rottweiler puppy is an easy decision, but finding the right place to buy one can be a challenge. Stumbling into the hands of the wrong breeder can result in owning a puppy with painful, sometimes completely disabling health conditions. Avoid situations like this by steering clear of online marketing pages such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, which are full of irresponsible and often dishonest sellers. The first place to look for puppies should be your immediate network of friends or perhaps neighbors who might know of an upcoming litter or perhaps plan on breeding their own pair of Rottweilers. This is one the safest ways to guarantee the health of your future dog and the practices of the owners. Knowing your seller might give you more room to bargain, which is important considering Rottweilers are expensive.

If your personal network does not offer you any leads while in search of your puppy, there are several other options to pursue. Many online websites allow reputable sellers to post about available puppies. This is the most expensive approach to attaining a Rottweiler puppy, as the breed is very popular. You can expect to see price tags totaling several thousand dollars. That being said, when buying a lifetime companion, it is easy to justify almost any price. Using online sellers also opens you up to the market of luxury pets and famous pedigrees. While they might be on the more pricey end, buying a Rottweiler puppy bred from award winning parentage can justify the extent to which you plan to pamper them.

Adopting a Puppy

Because the industry is so overridden with inhumane practices, many choose to go the adoption route. Not only is adoption considerably less expensive, it saves the puppy from an otherwise short and miserable life in financially overstretched pounds. It is possible to adopt purebred puppies from local pounds and other such establishments, but not entirely likely. There are alternatives to pound adoptions as well. In almost every state across the nation there are rescue foundations for specific breeds. Joining one of these groups can open you up to a large network of potential puppies. Searching by your geographical region generally yields the best outcomes. If that search does not result in finding Rottweiler puppies, organizations like Rescue Me connect puppies and people across the country. Adoption might be more work on your end, but it is the more financially viable and humane approach to pet ownership.

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