Which Dog Toys Will Your Canine Find Irresistible?

There’s a lot of aspects to owning a dog. While many of them show off a person’s responsibility, in the end, people want to play with their dogs! A playful dog is often showing off their intelligence and testing themselves while they are having fun.

There are seemingly an endless number of dog toys out there in different varieties. Different dogs like different toys. The size of the dog often will dictate the type of toys that they can enjoy. However, aside from the size of dog, the bite strength is often more important. Dogs that are considered to be “power chewers” will often shred a soft toy which might have otherwise have been fine for a different dog. Thankfully, companies know this and have worked to provide toys for these pups as well. A happy and active dog is a fantastic friend to have. What follows are some of the most irresistible dog toys that can be found in the market today.

1 - Flavored Chew Toys

Dogs already love having fun toys to chew on. It keeps them from chewing on things like shoes or clothing. However, rather than just a standard chew toy, why not take it up a level for them. Flavored chew toys are a common sight in pet stores and online. For example, the company Benebone makes a strong nylon chew toy which is infused with bacon flavor. It keeps dogs coming back for more rather than chewing the home furnishings.

2 - Rubber Frisbees

There are some great acrobatic dogs out there which can do incredible frisbee tricks. Almost everyone has probably seen a video of an australian shepherd or similar breed leaping off of something to catch a frisbee in the air. However, most normal dogs take a long time to be that gentle when catching or fetching a frisbee. That can be expensive in terms of buying replacement frisbees, as they continue to be chewed through or damaged during playtime. Rubber frisbees fix that issue. They might not fly quite as true as the plastic variety, but they will survive for a long time.

3 - Plush Toys

Every dog has their favorite stuffed toy. How the dog treats them is often different. Some treat them as their own little puppy and cuddle and comfort it. Others use them as a young child does a blanket and they provide security to the dog. Others simply love to chew on something that’s soft. The final group of dogs love to slowly dismember their stuffed toys and remove all of the stuffing slowly from their little friends. Regardless of how they use them, almost every dog loves stuffed creatures.

4 - Tug Ropes

Not all dog toys need to be creative or innovative. Sometimes, simple toys of the past still work perfectly. Rope toys are perfect for dogs who really want to play tug of war. It’s a great toy, because it allows the dog to use their full strength when they tug against it. The side of the rope top can make it great for games of fetch as well. Most will come with knots to allow for easier biting and holding, making sure there’s no risk of damaging a dog's teeth while playing.

5 - Teething Toys

When a puppy is going through the teething process, it can be very difficult for them. It can be painful and irritating as the new teeth replace those incredibly sharp puppy teeth. There are a variety of toys that are designed specifically for puppies who are teething. These often have cotton and fibers that are designed to soothe a puppy as it chews, but also to catch that loose tooth when it comes out, rather than letting an owner find the tooth under their foot when they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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