A Pet Friendly Backyard Can Still be Great for Entertaining

If you own a pet that heads outdoors, your backyard can be really important. A backyard can be a place for a dog or cat to run around in a safe environment.

Many people can use their backyard as a place to let their dog out when the weather may not be conducive to a walk and the dog needs to use the washroom. Unfortunately, sometimes backyards for pets aren’t great for people or social gatherings. 

A backyard doesn’t need to be sacrificed to a pet though. There are plenty of ways in which a backyard can be designed for use by both humans and pets. A beautiful backyard adds a wonderful touch of your home and provides a place to be social with your pets, friends and family.

Backyard Pet Needs

The first thing that should be considered is safety. You want your backyard safe for dogs. The first thing is usually having a good fence. You want to make sure that the backyard is clearly outlined. If you have a dog that’s a “digger” then you may want to make sure the fence can’t be dug under. In addition, any landscaping elements should be non toxic in case a pet chooses to take a little bite. Keep the yard well groomed to reduce the possibilities of ticks and fleas having a hospitable environment. The final aspect of safety is to always make sure that there’s an area that gives off shade and shelter in case they are out in hot weather and need to protect themselves from the sun. 

In addition to being a safe place, a backyard can hopefully be a fun place for a pet as well. A designated area that can be used as their play area can be fun. A water feature will allow them to play and splash when it’s warm. Training a dog to only defecate in a specific area of the backyard will make cleanup a breeze.

Backyard Enhancements

While you want your backyard to be great for your pet, you also want it to be great for you as well. There are a wide variety of things that can be added to a backyard to make it more inviting and a better place to spend time. Some of the things you can do include: 

  • Patios - A simple patio made up of paving stones can provide a great base for a small eating place. Try a small patio table with 4 iron or metal chairs with a little flair in the design. 
  • BBQ - There’s plenty of different grills that can be added to your backyard. The standard bbq grill is a good place to start. A smoker can let you make some truly special meats with flavors undreamed of. Outdoor pizza ovens can help you make restaurant quality pizza in no time flat. 
  • Rest Areas - Seating is always great in a backyard. It lets you spend a day in the sunshine reading your favorite book or magazine. Another great choice is the addition of a backyard hammock. If you don’t actually have the trees to tie the ends of a hammock to, there are plenty of metal bases that can be purchased to place the hammock. 
  • Pool - Both in ground and above ground pools are valid options for backyards. Pools can provide excellent places to cool off as well as good exercise. Pets need to be trained to properly act around pools. A secondary chain link fence may be a good idea to ensure a dog running around can’t mistakenly fall in and be unable to get out. 

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