Pet Friendly Homes Are Naturally Safe

Just as a home is a safe place for people, it’s also meant to be a safe place for pets. Pets who are comfortable in their own homes can be more at ease and relax.

When taken into other places, they are often far more tense and alert. 

There are multiple aspects to making a home pet friendly. This article will examine aspects of having a pet and human friendly home. The first aspect will be what a pet needs out of a home. The second will be what a human needs out of their home. Finally, some tips on how to create that perfect pet friendly home When all of these items are taken together, it results in a happy and safe home for pets as well as their humans. 

Home Needs for Humans

A key aspect for humans and their homes is home insurance. In most states, before a person can get a mortgage for a home, they need to show some sort of proof that they have acquired home insurance. This is important because it eases the potential financial fallout in case of disaster. With how massive an investment a home is, getting home insurance is absolutely a no brainer. 

Other needs include the basic services that many people take for granted. A home needs access to electricity, water, sewer services and potentially natural gas or propane services. This can allow a home to be powered and heated. Many homes of course also take advantage of internet, phone and television services as well. 

For a home to be inviting to humans, it needs to be well designed. Each room’s decor should feel inviting and make a person want to spend time in it. Taste varies widely between most people. Pick things you like. It’s your home after all and you’ll be spending the most time there! 

Home Needs for Pets

Happy pets have plenty of needs for them home as well. Arguably the most important is they need safe places to sleep. Pets are at their most vulnerable when they are sleeping, so that’s a great time to provide them with a safe feeling. 

Pets need to make sure the house is physically safe as well. Avoid heavy objects being in locations where they can be knocked off shelves or tables with a small jostle. Make sure that stairways are safe for pets and that there are clear boundaries from any potentially hazardous locations. 

Pets are going to make a certain amount of mess. There’s no real way around it. Therefore homes with pets should make sure that the materials in furniture and decorating can be easily cleaned. Getting a white linen couch while owning a dog that likes to play in mud is just asking for disaster. 

Tips For Pet Friendly Homes

There’s plenty of things that can be done when designing or decorating your home to make it more pet friendly. Let’s start with design. Carpet feels great on the feet, but it’s usually troublesome with pets. Wall to wall carpet is very difficult to clean. Hard surfaces with some area rugs can be a much better choice. If you need to have carpet, try to get a color similar to your pets shedding fur! 

Fabrics used on bedding or couches should be washable and stain-resistant. No matter how well behaved, there’s the potential for some messes. Create a room just for your pet. Often this can be a room where the pet can be cleaned, but also has a bed and maybe is where they are fed. Their room should be near an entrance so a dirty pet can be washed before entering the remainder of the home. 

One thing that can make a home more pet friendly is pet insurance. Pet insurance can help ensure that a pet is well taken care of with medication or medical help in the event of an unexpected illness or injury. No one wants to say goodbye to their pet too soon and pet insurance can help avoid that scenario. 

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