Best Places to Purchase or Adopt

It has been estimated that the earth is inhabited by more than 8,000 reptiles and 6,000 amphibians. Some, such as the dwarf geko, are very small while the saltwater crocodile or Chinese Giant Salamander can grow to a tremendous size.

Regardless of size, many of these creatures find themselves in need of a home in the civilized world.

Discarding Reptiles and Amphibians

There are numerous animal shelters that take in this type of pet. The reasons reptiles and amphibians wind up in a shelter is usually because they grow too large to handle, they become too costly or difficult to take care of or a person must move to a location that does not allow pets.

Unfortunately, investigations show that many reptiles and amphibians also die in the first year because of neglect, improper care, ignorance and abuse.

Popular Shelters

A shelter that takes care of these animals with rehabilitation, needed veterinary medicine and works on behavior problems, is the Reptile Rescue Center in Little Rock, Ark. This is a location where a person can adopt one of these creatures as a pet.

Another popular center that deals in helping reptiles is the Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network (RARN) located in Los Angeles, California. Reptiles imported into the U.S. now exceed the import of exotic birds.

The CCSB Reptile Rescue, Rehabilitation Adoption Center is located in North Carolina. They report that all kinds of reptiles are surrendered to their center. They receive iguanas, ball pythons, bearded dragons, leopard geckos. Russian tortoises, crocodiles and many other species.

Reptile Rescue Orange County (RROC) takes in any amphibian, reptile, arachnid or other exotic animal that needs medical attention or a home. Friends of Scales in Illinois and the Midwest will take any exotic animal, including amphibians, reptiles, and arachnids. Other reptile and exotic animals rescue sites can be found on the Internet.

Buying at Pets Stores

There are a number of stores that feature reptiles and other exotic creatures. On the Internet there are sites such as XYZ Reptiles, Big Apple Pet Supply, Backwater Reptiles, and other locations, that offer reptiles, amphibians and other unusual pets.

Purchasing or Making an Adoption

Before making a purchase it is important to determine the creature's age, where it came from, its health and what kind of a guarantee or warranty is offered on the purchase. As a rule, these stores offer a large variety of exotic animals which make good pets.

When a person is planning on adopting a reptile or amphibian from a rescue shelter, it is important to conduct a thorough research regarding its care, habits and longevity. For example, many reptiles, while a great pet, can get large and live 30 or more years.

When making an adoption, there is a small adoption fee, as well as questions regard the home situation and an understanding of the creature to be adopted. Rescue shelters want to make sure the person adopting understands the care, food, temperature and other things that are required to provide a good home for the reptile or amphibian being adopted.

A person making an adoption can rest assured that rescue shelters will provide a reptile or amphibian that has been checked out for health and temperament and is ready for a new home.

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